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A Catalyst For Growth

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, by the year 2020, the minority population will represent 34.4% of the total U.S. population. As this population continues to grow, those corporations that are comfortable with cultural diversity and change will be the ones that thrive.

As supplier diversity continues to become a business solution, we understand that your goal is not only to achieve it, but also to maintain the level of quality you require of your suppliers. That’s why we offer programs for certified MBEs to assist their development; these capability and capacity building programs help them become better value-added suppliers to you. Your commitment today helps our economy thrive tomorrow.

Benefits of Membership

Supporting supplier diversity gives you greater access to qualified suppliers and their products or services. Additionally, supporting the NCMSDC and supplier diversity also provides the following benefits:

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Membership Requirements

The NCMSDC welcomes all corporations interested in membership. We offer assistance in establishing and improving corporate diversity programs, as well as provide access to hundreds of certified minority-owned and controlled business enterprises.

The company is committed to a supplier diversity program and process.
The company has or will design a written supplier diversity program and process. (The NCMSDC can support in this activity upon your request).
A qualified representative shall be appointed to represent the company at NCMSDC council meetings and related activities.
The company will make confidential reports on an annual basis requested by the NCMSDC, to include the number of minority companies invited to bid, the number of minority companies that are awarded contract opportunities, and total dollar purchases from minority companies.
Payment of $3,500 corporate membership dues or $2,500 for government/nonprofit agencies will be invoiced annually to maintain member standing.

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Corporate Application

Corporate Membership is achieved by submitting an application in which the corporation agrees to engage in proactive supplier diversity efforts. The application is accompanied by an annual membership fee.

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